Villa La Joya, Playa Paraiso, Mexico. Ael Becker Weddings

Villa La Joya Mexico | A Dream Come True

Villa La Joya Mexico is not only one of the most exclusive private wedding villas in the Riviera Maya but also an inspirational story of a dream come true. Read on …..

After visiting this wedding villa in Playa Paraiso (a short 15-20 minute drive north from Playa del Carmen, Mexico) earlier this year,  I knew I had to come back for more!! There was something inexplicable about this place that I felt drawn to … Here’s the story:

It all began because “Mimi”, a loving mother, courageous woman and surviver from the last World War, had a dream. She wanted her very own beach house. From that moment on, her sons Mike & Gary (Memphis Jewelers), worked non-stop to build a place we all know today as Villa La Joya.

But building a dream is not easy. The first lot was acquired in 2002 but the house actually took 10+ years to complete. After much love and dedication, a strong hurricane and meeting some incredible friends along the way (Irma & Marcial, today’s property managers); Mimi finally walked into her beach residence in 2012. Her first words were: “Villa La Joya looks like a Palace!”.

Villa La Joya, Playa Paraiso, Mexico. Ael Becker Weddings

The house is full of exquisite details, antique furniture, a marble production that took 8 months to complete, 1 main pool, 26 coconut palm trees, a perfectly kept garden area that can host weddings of up to 200 guests and a private storage of the most amazing organic coffee from Tomatlan, Veracruz, Mexico. Gracias Marcial!!

Villa La Joya, Playa Paraiso, Mexico. Ael Becker Weddings

Villa La Joya, Playa Paraiso, Mexico.

Villa La Joya Wedding by Lucy Gallagher. Playa Paraiso, Mexico

Villa La Joya Destination Wedding by Lucy Gallagher Boutique Weddings, Mexico

Villa La Joya Weddings, Playa Paraiso, Mexico

Preparations for a wedding at Villa La Joya, Playa Paraiso, Mexico

Villa La Joya Wedding, Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Ael Becker Weddings

Villa La Joya, Luxury Wedding Villa in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Villa La Joya Wedding. Luxury Weddings in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Dream Wedding at Villa La Joya, Mexico by Lucy Gallagher Boutique Weddings

Villa La Joya Weddings, Riviera Maya, Mexico. Ael Becker Weddings

Beach Front Wedding at Villa La Joya, Mexico. Planning by Lucy Gallagher Boutique Weddings

Nevertheless, what makes this place a true ” gem or jewel” (english for joya) is its foundation: A Dream, Amazing Opportunities, Faith, Love, Goodwill and an incredibly unique family formed by the house owners and all of the Villa La Joya Team that devote their time to keeping Mimi’s dream alive: Carmen, Charo, Dino, Domingo, Irma & Marcial.

This is why Villa La Joya is an exceptionally beautiful and special place to say your I-do’s in Mexico. It is not your average wedding venue!!! It’s an elegant private beach residence with an inspirational story, surrounded by love and good vibes. The perfect spot to start a new chapter in life, as husband and wife!!

Contact Villa La Joya today for more info:

Special thanks to Mike, Irma & Marcial. You all inspire me and even made me feel like part of the family!!! Villa La Joya …. A dream come true!!


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