Bride pops the bottle of champagne during getting ready. Wedding Photography by Jonathan Cossu.

Wedding Photography : 15 Must-Have Getting Ready Moments

Whenever I’m not writing, I’m working with some of the best destination wedding photographers in the Cancun-Riviera Maya-Tulum area that inspire me and show me what weddings are really all about!!

So as you can imagine, I spend the majority of my time looking at gorgeous images and thought I should share my favorite moments leading up to the main event. Yes, I’m talking about the “Getting Ready”.

Whether it is your debut as a bride, your mom shedding a happy tear, your girls having a great laugh while toasting with a glass of chilled bubbly or photos of those delicate details you spent months planning … here are some getting-ready snaps you’ll definitely want to add to your shot list!!

And a few quick tips on how to accomplish these gorgeous images (expert advise from my favorite local wedding photographers in Mexico):

  • Keep the room clean. Have someone help you throw away trash, store extra clothes in closets (bathing suit, beach towels, etc…), hide suitcases underneath the beds and put away all unnecessary items.
  • Lighting is key. If possible, get ready in a room with plenty of natural light or close to a window.
  • Schedule your hair & makeup in advance. “Most of the times, I like to arrive when my brides are practically done with their hair & makeup, so we can focus on the details, toasts and other fun shots with your loved ones without stressing about running out of time.” – Jonathan Cossu Photographer.
  • Keep all of the details you’d like photographed, together and in one spot. This includes invitations, wedding guest gifts, welcome bags, accessories and everything you’ve been carefully planning for months.
  • Savor the moments. Relax, Enjoy, SMILE, Be Yourself and just pretend your photographer isn’t around (they know what they’re doing).
Beach destination wedding by Jonathan Cossu Photographer

Epic Getting Ready Shot by Jonathan Cossu Photographer

Blush Bridesmaids dresses by Naal Wedding Photography

Beautiful bridesmaids dresses by Naal Wedding Photography

Mexico Wedding photography by Jonathan Cossu

Bridal makeup silhouette by Jonathan Cossu Photographer

Fun getting ready moment by Jonathan Cossu Photographer at Now Jade

Fun getting ready moment by Jonathan Cossu Photographer at Now Jade

Dreams Riviera Cancun Wedding by Jonathan Cossu Photographer

Writing your wedding vows. Dreams Riviera Cancun Wedding by Jonathan Cossu

Now Jade Wedding by Magic Art Wedding Studio

A sweet portraits with MOB by Magic Art Wedding Studio

Dreams Riviera Cancun Wedding. Jonathan Cossu Photographer

Hayley Paige bride. Black and white getting ready shot by Jonathan Cossu Photographer

Belmond Maroma Bride by Naal Wedding Photography

Exquisite Bridal Portrait at Belmond Maroma by Naal Wedding Photography

Now Sapphire Wedding by Jonathan Cossu Photographer

Sweet Father of the Bride moment. Jonathan Cossu Photographer

Bride and groom first look in Tulum, Mexico

First Look Shot. Tulum Wedding by Magic Art Wedding Studio

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